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Specializing in 1960s Ford Holley Restoration 

 We aim to offer the highest quality, specific rebuild kits and most exact reproduction parts.


We also specialize in making the most detailed and specific rebuild videos for the 1960s Ford carburetor enthusiast. If you seek to rebuild your 1960s Holley Carb, you have come to the right place. 

Customer Feedback


I have the C80F-AB you rebuilt. But anyway,  I installed the -AB on the KR this morning. I have known this car since 1972 and been the caretaker since 1979 and I have NEVER experienced it run so good. Starts right up, good throttle response off idle and all through the RPM range. Best its ever run. Thank you so much. I doubt it ran this good off the showroom floor. Can you see my smile ????

I know you rebuild and restore LOTS of carbs, but you may remember the 3360/ 3361 carbs I sent you in March, that I got back late April. I've run the car several times since I reinstalled the carbs. I mentioned earlier that I was very happy with the way the car now runs- never ran better. I also can't get over how much better the engine sounds (I run side pipes, so very noticeable). Much more crisp and the burbling, subtle backfire when I back off the gas is awesome. Also- you may remember that ever since I owned the car (over 30 years), it would almost always show signs of vapour lock after driving for 25 minutes or so. That no longer happens- so not sure what cured it, but thanks once again. 

Holy Christ, these things run amazing. I think those 1848s didn't flow enough. 
Couldn't be happier! Thanks again. 


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