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We offer three levels of service for your Holley Carburetor



Rebuild is disassembly, cleaning, blueprinting, reassembly, and testing

2023 Pricing: 

Restoration includes, disassembly, cleaning, restoring castings, replating and chromating all hardware.  All carburetors will be blueprinted to original specifications, reassembled and tested.
Missing, broken, or unrestorable pieces will require new or old stock replacement and will be charged at cost.

-4v Rebuild  $450
-2x4v Rebuild $800
-3x2v Reb
uild $800




-4v Restoration $950

-2x4v Restoration $1600

-3x2v Restoration $1600


Concours restoration restores the carburetor to its original condition as much as possible. Every detail of the work seeks to match the original in every way with original, date-correct parts. If Concours work is required, consider the above a starting point, initial condition will matter, and will determine how much work I need to do to get perfect.

Pricing for Concours:

Contact Drew for more information

How to get started: 

1. Complete the Work Request Form. 

2. Understand that I generally only work on Factory original Ford Holley carburetors from 1957-1970.

3. All engine, car, camshaft info should be available.  If engine is totally stock, you can just let me    

    know that.  I prefer to do a full restore, but I do offer rebuilds if the carb is in decent condition.  I     can also leave castings original and refinish the hardware, if desired.

4. I will generally put you on a list once your request has been approved.   I try to work via first      

    come first served, but I have been known to shuffle around if a dyno date is near.  For best        

    results, 4-6 months lead time would be appreciated.  

5. Once your turn gets near on the list, I will generally contact you with a date I expect your core to        be at my shop.  Please do not wait, as simply put, I cannot work on it if it isn't here.

6. During the build if any parts are not serviceable, I will contact you with replacement options.

7. When the build is complete, I will send you a link to the build thread.

8. I will test your carburetor on a vehicle unless otherwise specified. 

9. I will send an invoice and  confirm your shipping address. Once payment is finalized, I will box up     your carburetor and send you a copy of the shipping label for tracking confirmation. 

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