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2x4 660 Rebuild Kit

2x4 660 Rebuild Kit


This kit is for both new and old 2x4 660 carbs and includes everything you need to properly rebuild them. These are the same parts that Drew uses to rebuild or restore carbs in the AFS shop.


The Kit Contains:

Contents of 2x4 660 Rebuild Kit from Air Fuel Spark


4    .110 Needle/Seat

2    Gasket Metering Block

2    Gasket Fuel Bowl

16    Gasket Fuel bowl screw

2    Gasket Metering plate

2    Gasket Metering plate seperator

2    Diaphragm, accelerator pump 50cc

2    Gasket, 1 11/16 Throttle body

4    Gasket, Accelerator pump nozzle

4    Bowl sight plugs

4    Bowl sight plug seals

4    Idle Mixture screw

8    Metering block well plug

4    Gasket needle and seat adjuster

4    Gasket needle and seat locknut

4    Cork seals for mixture screw

2    Seal, fuel inlet

4    Locknut, Needle/Seat

4    Adjuster, Needle/Seat

2    brass inlet screen

2    Baseplate Gasket

2    Air Cleaner Gasket

4    O ring 010

2    E clip 1/4inch

4    E clip 1/8inch

16    Brass screw throttle plates

4    Transfer tube seal



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