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2x4 Rebuild Kit 550/600 cfm

2x4 Rebuild Kit 550/600 cfm


This kit includes the parts needed to rebuild your 2x4 carburetors. These are the exact parts that are used in a Air Fuel Spark restoration. This kit contains the parts for both carburetors in your 2x4 set up. 

This kit is for the 63-64 dual quad carburetors. 

List 2652, 2652-1, 2804, 2805. 

Half of the kit could be used for single 4v like List 2112, 2328, 2599


Kit Contains:

Amount    Part Name    

4    .110 Needle/Seat. One needle and seat for each bowl

2    6.5 Power Valve. correct power valve for each metering block

2    Gasket Metering Block non stick gasket.  works with balance tube

2    Gasket Fuel Bowl correct style bowl gasket, works with balance tube

16    Gasket Fuel bowl screw each bowl screw requires one of these

2    Gasket Metering plate secondary gasket

2    Gasket Metering plate separator. this gasket separates the metering plate from the 

            sheet metal plate

2    Diaphragm, accelerator pump diaphragm

2    Gasket, 1 9/16 Throttle body    thick throttle body gasket for between baseplate and main 


2    Diaphragm, Vacuum Secondary correct length secondary diaphragm

3    Gasket VS Pot or Choke    2 of these are used between vacuum housing and main  

            body, one is for choke seal

4    Gasket, Accelerator pump nozzle    1 for each nozzle screw, and 1 under each nozzle

4    Bowl sight plugs    new fuel level sight plugs

4    Bowl sight plug seals    gasket seals for the above

4    Idle Mixture screw    new idle mixture screw

6    Teflon ribbon, wide    3 each for secondary shaft

2    Teflon ribbon, thin    1 each for secondary shaft

4    Metering block well plug. If you removed the idle well plug to clean the idle well, 

2    E clip 1/4inch    to retain accelerator pump lever

2    E clip 3/16    e clip to retain secondary diaphragm rod to secondary shaft

4    E clip 1/8inch    e clip to retain floats on side hung bowls4    Gasket needle and seat adjuster. Gasket between the fuel bowl and needle adjuster

4    Gasket needle and seat locknut. Gasket for the locknut

4    Cork seals for mixture screw    new extra thick cork mixture screw seal

2    Gasket, Power valve    correct gasket for the power valve included

1    Gasket, choke cap    for between choke cap and choke casting

2    Seal, fuel inlet    bonded rubber/aluminum seal for fuel inlets

4    Locknut, Needle/Seat    new locknut

4    Adjuster, Needle/Seat    new adjuster

2    brass inlet screen    these brass inlet screens fit perfectly on the 9/16-24 fuel inlets of 

            side hung bowls

2    choke plate screw    new screws as the old ones are typically damaged on removal

2    Baseplate Gasket    my favorite 4 hole gaskets for between carburetor and intake 


2    Air Cleaner Gasket    Extra thick gasket for between air cleaner and carburetor. 

4    O ring 010 for the transfer tube, grease lightly on install for good install

2    Cotter pin    retains secondary closing link

1    hairpin clip    retains choke rod to choke housing

6    #6 washer    4 washers used to back up balance tube o ring, 2 used for secondary 

             closing link

4    Oring 006    o rings for small brass balance tube that connects front and back bowl

16    Brass screw throttle plates    Brand new throttle plate screws.  Self binding style 



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