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3x2 Rebuild Kit

3x2 Rebuild Kit


This kit includes the parts needed to rebuild your3x2 carburetors. These are the exact parts that are used in a Air Fuel Spark restoration. This kit contains the parts for all 3 carbs in a 3x2 set up. It can also be used for any small block or big block 3x2 set up. 


What is included in the kit:

AmountPart Description 
3.110 Needle/SeatOne needle and seat for each bowl
16.5 Power ValvePower valve for primary carburetor metering block
3Gasket Metering BlockNonstick gasket used between main body and metering block
3Gasket Fuel BowlNonstick gasket used between fuel bowl and metering block
12Gasket Fuel bowl screweach bowl screw requires one of these
3Diaphragm, Accelerator pumppump diaphragm
3Gasket, Throttle bodyGasket used between main body and baseplate
1Gasket ChokeSeals choke to main body of primary carb
6Gasket, Accelerator pump nozzle1 for each nozzle screw, and 1 under each nozzle
3Bowl sight plugsnew fuel level sight plugs
3Bowl sight plug sealsgasket seals for the above
6Idle Mixture screwnew idle mixture screw
6Metering block well plugIf you removed the idle well plug to clean the idle well, this is a new plug to seal it
3Gasket needle and seat adjusterGasket between the fuel bowl and needle adjuster
3Gasket needle and seat locknutGasket for the locknut
6Cork seals for mixture screwnew extra thick cork mixture screw seal
1Gasket, Power valvecorrect gasket for the power valve included
1Gasket, choke capfor between choke cap and choke casting
3Seal, fuel inletbonded rubber/aluminum seal for fuel inlets
3Brass fuel inlet screenthese brass inlet screens fit perfectly on the 9/16-24 fuel inlets of side hung bowls
3Locknut, Needle/Seatnew locknut
3Adjuster, Needle/Seatnew adjuster
2Choke plate screwnew screws as the old ones are typically damaged on removal
3carb to intake gasketFor between carburetor and intake manifold
3Air Cleaner gasketOriginal style, thick gaskets for between carburetor and air cleaner
1hairpin clip for choke rodretains choke rod to choke housing
3E clip 1/4inchto retain accelerator pump lever
3E clip 1/8inche clip to retain floats on side hung bowls
12Brass screw throttle platesBrand new throttle plate screws. Self binding style screws, blue loctite is still advised
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