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GT390 Rebuild Kit

GT390 Rebuild Kit


This kit includes the parts needed to rebuild your GT390 carburetor. These are the exact parts that are used in an Air Fuel Spark restoration.

It is appropriate for list numbers: 

 3557, 3530, 3793, 3794, 3795, 3796, 4088, 3795-1, 3796-1 and many other 600 cfm Ford carbs of the 60s.

Each Kit Contains:

AmountPart Description 
2.110 Needle/SeatOne needle and seat for each bowl
16.5 Power Valvecorrect power valve for each metering block
2Gasket Metering BlockNonstick gasket used between main body and metering block
2Gasket Fuel BowlNonstick gasket used between fuel bowl and metering block
8Gasket Fuel bowl screweach bowl screw requires one of these
1Diaphragm, accelerato